El fin del Mundo

Your Host… Scott Jalowsky

Scott Jalowsky

Welcome!  I thought you might like a little history about how El fin del Mundo came to be.

As a small boy, I first visited Puerto Penasco in 1969 with my parents. I fell in love with the beautiful beaches, warm sunny weather and gracious people.

I have enjoyed many wonderful trips back to Rocky Point and then in 1980, I bought land on Las Conchas beach with the idea of building and renting my own villa as a vacation rental destination.  Then, In 1989, construction of El Fin del Mundo on one section of land closest to the water began.

My intent was to build a unique villa constructed of the finest native materials of Mexico.  Brick, wrought-iron and selected hardwoods crafted in form and function by Mexican craftsman produced a truly unique and one-of-a-kind boutique villa.

Then, In 2007, I completely renovated the villa using old-world craftsmen and  the result was simply stunning.

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How El Fin del Mundo Was Named.


el_fin_del_mundoEl Fin del Mundo was originally meant to be El Fin Del Sendero which translates exactly as the “End of the Trail.”  The name was decided with the help of friends over many Margarita’s and excellent Mexican cuisine at Manny’s Beach Club in Puerto Penasco.  Manny himself assisted.

After I mentioned my choice of name to my brother, he decided to commission a large sign for the main entrance as a surprise gift to me..  Made from ceramic tile and hand-painted in Mexico, the sign was delivered to my home my Arizona home.

When it arrived, I was of course surprised and even more surprised to see the name El Fin del Mundo which translates directly to “The End of the World.”  My attention to detail left me in a quandary.  What to do about this!

sought the advice of my mom and dad and true to our family bond I decided to stay with the name my brother so lovingly commissioned.

So, whether you are driving by or coming to stay awhile, remember, this is the beginning of one of life’s journeys and certainly one that you will greatly enjoy and appreciate.  Let this be part of your mantra that you have been to “The End of the World”.

I am passionate about this Villa and Las Conchas and it shows in every detail. My first-hand knowledge of the area is very helpful to my guests in planning that perfect vacation in Puerto Penasco.  I have traveled extensively thoughout Mexico yet my heart and soul is here in Rocky Point.

After completing my degrees in Business Administration, I developed a successful Realty Company along with my boutique villa rental and property management company.  My guests enjoy a full compliment of services that ensure the very best Rocky Point vacation experience.